Valet Parking

You are in the midst of planning the biggest event of your life. And there is nothing like a great first impression. The best way to do that is by hiring a professional valet parking service. Many people overlook this kind of hiring thinking that it is no big deal. Well, it is. First of all, your guests will feel like royalty by experiencing the valet treatment. Think about how special they will feel when they pull up to your venue only to be greeted by professionally dressed valets who escort them to the door while also parking their vehicle. Also, don't forget that your guests are going to be in their best clothes and they will certainly appreciate not having to talk in from a long distance from the parking lot. Another great factor about having a professional valet service work your wedding is the efficiency with which they will handle all of your guests and their vehicles. Safety is another positive factor that you and your guests will be assured of. So, when you consider all of the positives of having a valet service handle the parking at your wedding, we think you will agree that this service take your wedding experience to the highest level. What you need to be sure of however is that you hire a top notch company. To make sure that is exactly what happens, we have provided you with this guide to show you how to seek out valet services and criterion on which to judge each one. In the end, this guide will help you locate the perfect valet service for your big day.

We realize that this is probably a search that you have never had to conduct before. There are a number of search options that we recommend you undergo. Start by simply striking up conversations with your family, friends and coworkers. You never know, someone you know may have rented a valet service in the past and have glowing reviews they can tell you about. If that is the case, make sure you get the name of company and make a record of it. If you have hired any of your wedding vendors at this point, they are also a potential source of valet companies to check into. And, of course, you must make use of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “valet parking companies in the Corpus Christi area.” This search should give you numerous vendors to check into. Once you have a list of at least 3 to 5 valet companies to check out, call up each one and find out if they are available to service your wedding on your chosen date.

When you find yourself sitting across from each representative, make sure you are prepared with the following questions. Remember, knowledge is power. Start your conversation by sharing how many guests will be attending your wedding. Based on that number, find out how many valets the company would send to your wedding. If you don't feel there will be enough attendants, ask how much it would cost to add an additional valet. Find out if a representative from the company will come out to your wedding location ahead of time and come up with a plan on how things should be setup. Are they licensed and insured? The answer needs to be yes to both questions. Will the valets be prepared for inclement weather? We know that your guests would appreciate an umbrella in case of rain. When you have completed all of your interviews, go home and do an intense side by side comparison. This exercise should reveal which valet service is the one for you and your special day.