Affordable Prices

Many of our customers think that limos and party buses are far too expensive for there special event. That lasts until the time they talk with our staff! We challenge our competition by giving the best quality transportation without the high cost of rental. This way, we are surely able to carry out a lot of business for a price that you're surely able to enjoy. We offer the best pricing in Corpus Christi, and we are absolutely able to do that by passing on our profits to you, every single time. You will only pay for what you need based on the way in which we set our prices.

When you receive a risk free quote you'll see that our prices are reasonable, affordable and competitive. The date of service, number of people, and number of hours are a few of the variables that have a factor in the price. Please note that costs might increase during our popular season, which fall during the spring an summer months, when there are tons of weddings. If you happen to be expecting the lowest cost possible, be sure to consider avoiding the busy periods, as well as portioning the price between all of the passengers attending.

Make sure to call us when you're prepared to book your vehicle! Our telephones are open around the clock and we are ready to take your call. The only thing we need to know prior is where you plan on going, when you'll need service, and the number of passengers you will have riding with you. This makes so that our price is specifically customized to your needs. The price that you receive adds together absolutely everything, including the last drop of fuel, and even the drivers' tip. Limo Bus Corpus Christi likes to think that our prices are the fairest in the city and we do our best to be absolutely transparent for all of our clients!